AQYLON Services

Let us find the best solution for you

Thanks to our experience in turbines design and manufacturing acquired while developping our technology and products, we offer our strong know-how in turbomachinery for clients in the energy market.
Project engineering, prototype, pilot, industrialization… We take part in every step of your project chain and assist you throughout every needs and every specific request to guarantee best working conditions and the most effective solution.
Therefore, AQYLON is able to deliver any parts or pieces custom designed you may be looking for your installation.

Please, Have a look on those services we are able to provide :


Benefit from ours skills


Since its inception in 2009, AQYLON has been combining innovation with technical expertise to develop turbomachinery solutions for a growing array of diverse fields: energy, defense, aerospace, cryogenic.

AQYLON has the ability to manage your project from design and analysis to prototyping and serie production. Products include turbines, generators, compressors, motors, fans, pumps, controllers, hardware and software.
Thank you for your interest in AQYLON. We hope to have an opportunity to work with you on your next project.

Project Engineering

We assist ours customers in their projects


Thanks to its ability to develop projects from scratch, AQYLON can assist you in your own projects in the following fields:

  • Biomass
  • Geothermal
  • Solar Thermal
  • Heat Recovery

Assistance includes :

  • Coordination of the execution
  • Technical and economic feasability studies
  • Dimensioning and optimisation of the solution
  • Assistance in the administrative authorisation
  • Drafting of the specifications for suppliers
  • Assistance for negociations
  • Reception of equipement
  • Control of work
  • Assistance for electric connection

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Our experience is at your service


AQYLON has acquired strong know-how and experience while developing its proprietary products and services. AQYLON offers Energy Consulting Services aiming to lower industry’s energy bills (up to 90%) and Carbon footprint (up to 95%). It also aims to develop new products and to invest in projects with excellent payback times (often less than 2 years).
AQYLON undertakes energy efficiency audits and provides solutions using our innovative heat management system. The audit usually involves a study of current use of resources with investment recommendations in various sectors: lightning, HVAC, heat optimization, smart grid, green IT, energy management…

AQYLON’s expertise in thermodynamics systems, high speed turbomachines and automation controls, as well as strong partnerships with leading providers of energy efficiency solutions lead to highly technical proposals with large impact.

AQYLON proposes Energy Consulting Services in a large field of expertise:

  • Energy audits, with concrete recommendations including payback time estimation for each alternative.
  • Consulting in energy management, maintenance program and investments.
  • Consulting in integration of renewable energy.
  • Consulting in heat flow optimistation along with exergy analysis.