Renewable Energies

Biomass, Solar thermal, Geothermal, Renwable energies for AQYLON ORC modules

Renewable Energy

Ensuring secure power supply is a growing concern for companies and governments. A key factor to reach this objective consists in mixing power sources. ORC systems proposed by AQYLON are suitable for several sources of energy. Furthermore, governments often promote renewable energies project.


For biomass applications, ORC power plants can be used to for cogeneration of heat and power or for electricity production alone.

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Geothermal application can benefit from ORC power plants for temperatures higher than 100°C. ORC power plant can be used for cogeneration or electrical production only.

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Solar thermal

ORC power plant are highly adapted to CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology. It is the best solution to produce clean electricity from low temperature heat sources.

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