AQYLON products range is aiming at two specific applications. The first one is Energy Efficiency that handles projects such as recovering the waste heat from industry or from internal combustion engines (diesel, HFO, gas, biogas). The second one is renewable energy, where the AQYLON ORCs will produce power from biomass, geothermal or solar thermal plants.

Energy Efficiency

According to the United Nation Industrial Development Organization, industry is responsible for more than 30% of global energy consumption and global carbon dioxide emissions. Saving energy in industry is a priority to ensure sustainable development.
By developing solutions to improve energy efficiency, AQYLON wants to loosen the link between economic growth and environmental degradation.

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Renewable Energies

Ensuring secure power supply is a growing concern for territories and governments. A key factor to reach this objective consists in mixing power sources. ORC systems proposed by AQYLON are suitable with several sources of energy. Furthermore, governments often promote renewable energy projects.

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