Supervisory Board

Eric Manchon

He graduated from Sciences Po Paris and Paris Assas in 1978. Eric

Michel Laroche

He graduated from Centrale Paris in 1966 and Sciences Po Paris in 1968

Alain Planchot

He graduated from HEC Paris and studied in United States. He led

Thierry Derréal

Sales, Marketing and Business Development specialist, acting in

Arnaud Delattre

He graduated from an agricultural engineering school and ESSEC

Members of the board

Pierre Convert
Co-founder & CEO

He is in charge of technology development. After graduating from Polytechnique and Ponts & Chaussées, he focuses on solar technologies and softwares for the energy industry

Guillaume Jeangros
Co-founder & COO

He is in charge of business and project development. After graduating from Polytechnique, Ponts et Chaussées and Sciences-Po, he was involved in project financing (Dexia), equity

Antonio Mendes Nazare
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

He has been holding functions such as CMO or, VP Sales & Marketing, in various independent SMEs, as well as in large international groups. He has an extensive experience in

Bruno David
Chief Financial Officer

He joined the team of Aqylon as of May 4, 2015. After a university education and a 3rd Cycle Management at ISG, complemented by an MBA from

Team France

Yacine Hamiche
Project Manager

He is in charge of the procurement and suppliers’/subcontractors’ contact as well as projects implementation, planning and execution. He joined AQYLON in may 2013 after he graduated in

Vincent Lamblot
Turbomachinery Design Engineer

He is in charge of the mechanical design and optimization of AQYLON turbines. He joined AQYLON in 2013, after he graduated in Energy and Propulsion MSc at INSA Rouen.

Mohamed Ali Abid
Engineer Study and Project

He joined AQYLON in 2014 after finishing his engineering studies at the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris. He is in charge of the cycle and installation design for

Thomas Fournet
Design Engineer

He joined AQYLON in 2014. He is in charge of entire units designing and helps driving the future generation products from concept to complete realisation.

Maxime Laurenty
Design & Project Engineer

Maxime is in charge of turbine design and manufacturing, bringing new concepts from ideas to final implementation. He joined Aqylon in March 2015 after graduating in renewable energies from Ecole Polytechnique and having held several experiences in R&D in this field.

Mathieu Assemat
Design & Project Engineer

Mathieu joined AQYLON in november 2015 after graduating in Mechanical Engineering (Simulation and Design) from the University of Technology of Troyes. He is in charge of the design and conception of small power engines and of projects’ development.

Victor Lefort
Business Development Manager Europe

He is in charge of business development in Europe. He has graduated from the Engineering school Institut Polytechnique Lasalle Beauvais and worked in several biogas projects before joining Aqylon early 2016.

Romain Heck
Research and Innovation Engineer

He joined Aqylon in March 2016. After obtaining his PhD in 2003, he was a materials scientist for 13 years. During that time, he successfully participated in and supervised academic, European and industrial research projects.

Patrick Vu
Aerodynamic design engineer

Patrick joined Aqylon in January 2017 after having worked 9 years for major steam turbine manufacturers. He is in charge of the large turbine design.

Pierre-Emanuel Roger
ATM-1000H Product Manager

Pierre-Emmanuel joined Aqylon after a 5 years experience in automotive industry working on the 48V hybrid assist system. He is graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and as a M2 degree in thermal engines design of IFP School. He is now responsible of ATM1000H module as product manager.

Chengjun YANG
Purchasing Manager

Chengjun joined AQYLON in February 2017 after four years’ experience in power generation, transformation and distribution in France and China. She obtained Master 2 of Project Management from University of Paris-Dauphine and, three years later, Advanced Master of International Purchasing Management from ESSEC Business School. She is in charge of sourcing, procurement and supplier relationship

Team Asia

Laurent Codogno
Business Development Manager Southeast Asia AQYLON

Laurent joined Aqylon after a one-year expatriation for a business solution provider company based in Indonesia, expanding to Southeast Asia. He combines knowledge of the regional and business dynamics with technical background, building up on six years as a engineer consultant for Areva. He is now in charge of business development in Southeast Asia.

Team Maghreb

Bilal Bakkali

He joined Aqylon as project manager in 2014, after finishing his studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, in Meknès. He is now the CEO of AZOLIS, a subsidiary of AQYLON in Morocco. To learn more about AZOLIS, see

Team Africa

Jean-Claude Tuyishime
Business Development Manager Africa

Based in Casablanca, Morocco, Jean-Claude is in charge of business development in African countries. He joined AQYLON in 2013, after he prepared a degree in Business Management at Higher School of Business and