Geothermal Application


Geothermal application can benefit from ORC power plants for temperatures higher than 85°C. ORC power plant can be used for cogeneration or electrical production only.

Hot water or steam are extracted from deep inside the Earth through wells, providing us with a hot source to power our ORC module. Since the technology used to detect geothermal sources is improving, geothermal energy should become a major energy source in the few next decades.

Geothermal is available in numerous areas of the world and has the advantage of being continuously available, regardless of weather or season.

You can see our standard products for heat recovery in the Products section

Geothermal binary power plant




  • AQYLON ORC power plants can include single module or multi-modules solutions.

Ø Multi ORC power plant ensure continuous valorisation of the géothermal energy even during maintenance periods.

Ø It also allows adapting the power plant production if the well’s production decreases, without losing electrical efficiency, and therefore ensuring higher flexibility and redundancy.

  • Easy maintenance : Turbine can be easily disassembled and reassembled on site
  • Airy design, easy access to equipment
  • Cooling source may be:

Ø Fresh or sea water

Ø A closed water loop with air coolers

Ø Direct condensation with air coolers




Combined flash & binary power plant



  • Can be used on a flash power plant to recover the brine

(liquid recovered from the geothermal fluid steam separation)

  • Maximizes electrical production of the plant
  • Works as a normal géothermal binary power plant in parallel with the flash system




Co-produced fluids power plant


Hot water is a nuisance as a byproduct at oil and gas wells. It is possible to use co-produced water to feed an ORC and therefore to produce green power out of it. After separating the hot water from oil and gas, it is used in our ATM or L or M range to produce electricity before being rejected in the soil. This green power can then be used onsite to off-set the power bill, or it can be sold to the grid.







  • Value the hot water from co-produce fluids

   (E.G: in oil production)

  • As the well life increases, the oil production decreases and hot water part increases
  • The multi-ORC modules power plants adapts to the well life cycle, and brings a solution facing its main resource depletion