Biomass & Wood boilers Application

ORC biomass AQYLON

Produce Green power from biomass

For biomass applications, ORC power plants can be used for the cogeneration of heat and power or for electricity production alone.

Many types of green waste can be burnt in a biomass boiler to generate heat. This heat can be transferred to the ORC module working fluid, or can heat steam to supply a heating network or a drying process. Common green wastes are sawdust, wood chips, straw, and rice husk.

You can see our standard products for heat recovery in the Products section

Environmentally friendly

For high temperature applications, AQYLON’s organic working fluids have a very low Global Warming Potential (3-20).


AQYLON’s ORC modules are designed for durability and fit into standard containers, allowing for modular deployment.


AQYLON’s ORC modules apply cutting edge technology to maximize efficiency according to the heat source. AQYLON holds four patents related to turbines and ORC technology, and eight more are pending.

ORC modules are available from 500 KWe to 5 MWe. AQYLON is proud to offer either the ORC alone or a complet turnkey biomass power plants, with or without cogeneration. Our Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology is the best solution for small and medium biomass power plants

With cogeneration

If desired, our biomass power plants can be adapted to include a cogeneration system, generating low temperature heat (60-100 °C) to be used for a variety of purposes. District heating networks, greenhouses and industrial processes requiring heat can all minimize costs through cogeneration.

ORC technology avoids corrosion issues and turbine wear associated with steam turbines – such as blade erosion and high speed operation – resulting in low maintenance costs. Our ORC modules can rapidly ramp up to match changing power needs, from 30% up to 110% of nominal capacity. Rugged design ensures a life expectancy of over 25 years.

Create value from your biomass source

  • If your biomass power plant is in need of retrofitting, Aqylon can install an ORC power module that will increase the efficiency of your plant and reduce operating costs.
  • If you have a source of biomass as a byproduct of your operations, Aqylon can build a small power plant to convert this biomass to electricity. This investment will replace the cost of disposing of biomass byproducts with profits from electricity sales.
  • If there is potential to develop a biomass source, Aqylon will partner with a company specialized in biomass supply chains in order to secure a reliable supply and build a power plant.

ORC biomassAny biomass source can be valorized. In particular, we propose to build small power plants that produce electricity from:

  • Wood waste from sawmills
  • Biomass byproducts from coffee, cacao, cotton, or palm plantations
  • Rice straw or other agricultural byproducts
  • Woodchips

If a factory can provide AQYLON with a biomass resource, we can produce electricity and sell it to the factory at a preferential tariff.