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Waste heat Recovery

WHR industry

ORC solutions can be installed on a wide range of industry with high production of waste heat. In particular, our products are suitable for waste heat recovery in glass, cement, steel, paper industries, refineries and incinerators.

AQYLON’s ORC modules convert industrial waste heat contained in exhaust fumes or any other industrial process such as water loop, or thermal oil loop, into electricity. When the heat to drive the ORC cycle comes from waste process heat or from exhaust fumes, the industrial process as a whole is unaffected.

AQYLON designed ORC modules to recover waste heat on exhaust fumes ranging in temperature from 250°C to 500°C. The produced energy can either be used by the industry or resold to the energy grid.

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Environmentally friendly

For high temperature applications, AQYLON’s organic working fluids have a very low Global Warming Potential (3-20).


AQYLON’s ORC modules are designed for durability and fit into standard containers, allowing for modular deployment.


AQYLON’s ORC modules apply cutting edge technology to maximize efficiency according to the heat source. AQYLON holds four patents related to turbines and ORC technology, and eight more are pending.

Industry ORC WHR

Create value from your exhaust streams


Most industrial plants have exhaust streams that can be valorized. AQYLON proposes to produce electricity through heat recovery on the exhaust streams in:

  • Cement factories
  • Steel mills
  • Foundries
  • Glass furnaces
  • Aluminum smelters
  • Plants treating sewage through incineration
  • Incinerators

… all heat generating plants

These industries can all improve their global energetic efficiency by installing our ORC modules. Pollution is decreased and energy bills are reduced simultaneously. When recovering fumes or exhausts, a heat exchanger (boiler) must be placed on the chimney to collect the heat and transfer it to a thermal oil loop that will feed the ORC module.

Industry ORC WHR

In the figure above we can see a heat exchanger with its bypass, placed on the fumes of glass factory. The heat, trough a thermal oil loop, is sent to the ORC. Dry coolers are used for the cold loop of the ORC.

ORC application incinerator

Integration of an ORC system to recover heat from incinerator exhaust fumes.


ORCs can also be used to cool water or replace coolers. For instance in an incinerator, before being processed, the fumes are often cooled down with a system of boiler + water loop + coolers. In this case the coolers can be replaced by an ORC, and therefore to cool the fumes it is possible to generate power instead of consuming power. So not only is power generated but the parasitic loads of the coolers are eliminated.

ORC technology avoids corrosion issues and turbine wear associated with steam turbines, such as blade erosion and high speed, resulting in low maintenance costs. Our ORC modules can rapidly ramp up to match changing power needs, from 30% up to 120% of nominal capacity. A rugged design ensures a life expectancy of over 25 years.