AQYLON is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbines, which transform heat into electricity and thermal power from renewable sources (biomass, geothermal, solar) or from waste heat created by industrial processes, engines or gas turbines.

Founded in 2009 in Paris by Pierre Convert and Guillaume Jeangros, both alumni from the leading French research institute Ecole Polytechnique , AQYLON represents a new vision for ORC technology integrating innovative fluids, implementing new architectures and offering cycle-accurate design simulation. Our goal is to transcend beyond the typical equipment manufacturer business model to become an Energy Service Company (ESCO), selling cost-saving electricity solutions to our industrial clients.

Our first pilot project was installed in Paris’s ENSAM engineering school in 2013, and in 2015 we installed our first commercial unit in France near Marseille. AQYLON is an international company, continually expanding around the world in pursuit of our main goal: to change the face of power generation and provide the best technology to our customers around the world

Pilot ORC project in ENSAM

Pilot ORC project in ENSAM

Our purpose

Producing clean energy, either by integrating Renewables to the energy mix or by increasing Energy Efficiency, is a growing concern among industries, governments and customers.

Since 2009, AQYLON has been developing innovative solutions for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. It aims to become a worldwide leader by commercializing high potential proprietary technologies and by offering turnkey projects at a competitive price.

AQYLON has acquired first-class know-how in turbomachine design and manufacturing using the so-called thermodynamic Rankine Cycle. Our patented mix of axial and radial inflow turbine technologies allows us to provide best-in-class standard solutions as well as tailor-made solutions.

AQYLON also offers a wide range of Engineering Services including Turbomachine Design, Energy Efficiency Consulting and Project Engineering Management.

Research & Development

Research & Development is in Aqylon DNA and we aim to rest our competitive advantage on technological leadership. The company was founded by two french engineer, both graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ponts & Chaussées. The technical team grew rapidly and now consists of ten engineer graduated in first-class universities in France, Germany, and United-States.

Thanks to high investments in Research & Development, Aqylon has been certified Young Innovative Company since 2014. The company is settled in PRINE in Paris, a cluster focused on renewable energies and energy efficiency. Aqylon established partnerships with many research centers and engineering schools such as CNRS, ENSAM Meknes, Arts & Métiers Paristech and Cetim. Thanks to these partnerships and internal development, Aqylon already has 3 turbine and ORC patents and 8 more are pending.

AQYLON won several calls for proposals in Europe and in the rest of the world. The company is currently involved in two main projects: EUROSTAR 2015 where AQYLON is developing a high efficiency ORC module dedicated to waste heat recovery on industrial exhaust fumes, and INNOTHERM III where AQYLON manages a solar thermodynamic project in Morocco.

Multiple award-winning company

AQYLON’s broad-based, multidisciplinary engineering team drives its rapid growth and ongoing success. The company has unique expertise in thermodynamic cycles and turbomachines and aims for long product lifetimes through the use of proprietary development tools. AQYLON’s project financing solutions help clients achieve higher efficiencies with lower investments.

AQYLON’s flexible turbomachine development approach – even for standard projects – allows the company to create tailored solutions that best fit clients’ individual needs. Innovation is at the heart of AQYLON’s progress and in a few short years the development team has 3 registered patents, 8 pending patents, and has won 9 prizes.

AQYLON award-winning company

International Development



AQYLON’s Moroccan subsidiary named AZOLIS has been created in September 2014. Located in Casablanca. AZOLIS provides energy efficiency services to industrial customers.

For more details, please have a look on AZOLIS Website (Website currently under construction).



AQYLON remains your partner in exportation. The company is especially involved in island networks (Caribbean islands, Pacific islands, Indonesia-Philippines-Malaysia).

Since the beginning of 2016, AQYLON is present in 4 continents through four offices in Paris, Casablanca, Miami, and Jakarta.